Friday, September 29, 2006

I am my Kids Mom :)

Jessica, Timothy and Claire


After reading many others blogs I decided to join the land of "blogworld". I am hoping that it will be a great way to keep family updated as the kids continue to grow super fast. At first it will be a matter of catching everyone up to this point with a few summer photos eventually. Just as soon as I get things figured out. For those of you who may be meeting us for the first time we are a family that has been blessed through adoption with four beautiful children. One whose name is Charles is our guardian angel(4-16-04) and the biological brother to our son Timothy. I titled my blog Hand Picked with Love as each one of them was hand picked by God to be a part of our family regardless of how long as they were here on earth. I hope you will all continue to enjoy reading about our busy and wonderful life. Speaking of busy I have to go tend to little ones as I speak. Hope to see you soon!!